Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletOctober 22, 2019

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Home/Land Committee To Present A Variety of Earth-Related Websites by Sister Clare Pelkey

In our 2007 Act of Chapter, Deepening Communion with Creation, we state that we are moved by an urgent concern for Earth and the survival of its life systems and are challenged to express unifying love…in working for systemic change that will enable all to live in right relationship with Earth.

Over the next few months, the Home/Land Committee will present a variety of earth-related websites to the readers of CE. This plan is an attempt to assist the readers in becoming aware of sites that offer an array of information from the various challenges Earth faces in our times to green steps for children and adults. We hope that after you have read about each site, you will return to the site and discover the various ways you might utilize it as one way to deepen communion with creation by learning some new ways of taking one small step to protect our planet; signing to receive newsletters; taking action online in support of Earth; sharing new ideas from the site with those who do not have or use a computer.

For the past fifteen years, the Sisters of St. Joseph have been members of the Natural Resources Defense Council ( NRDC is the nation’s most effective environmental-action group, combining the grassroots power of 1.3 million members and online activists with the courtroom clout and expertise of more than 350 lawyers, scientists and other professionals. The group has challenged some of the many companies and corporations whose flagrant disregard for Earth and its creatures have threatened many birds, animals, fish, plants, trees, etc. as well as the survival of indigenous or marginalized persons. NRDC has succeeded in winning many of the court cases the organization has initiated.
NRDC’s priorities include the following: curbing global warming and creating a clean-energy future; reviving the world’s oceans; defending endangered wildlife and wild places; protecting our health by preventing pollution; ensuring safe and sufficient water; and fostering sustainable communities.
When you go to this site, you will find environmental issues, environmental news and current actions (online) that are needed in support NRDC’s voice for Earth. The latest press releases are available as is the record of lawmakers in regard to the environment. Also, there are suggestions for making choices for living “in a green manner.”
NRDC has an online bi-monthly publication, Nature’s Voice (at the bottom of the webpage under News and Blogs) which has articles that spell out the current victories of NRDC in court and the positive actions in working with groups and cities to address many concerns. The headline of a recent article states that Georgia-Pacific, a major timber buyer, will help preserve millions of acres of hardwood forest in the South’s threatened woodlands. This effort has been a long-term one, requiring much dialogue with the parties involved. It is success like this one that offers hope to many who work long, hard and consistently for Earth and her people in sensitive areas.
The worldwide web is an effective, convenient and easy way to take action, knowing that ONE person, joined with many others, CAN make a difference! We invite you to go to and see for yourself the way the CSJ Community, sisters and associates, as members of this dedicated organization continue to share in the work of Deepening Communion with Creation.