Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletOctober 22, 2019

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Plan B 4.0, Chapter 5: Stabilizing Climate: Shifting to Renewable Energy by Sister Mary Ellen Putnam, CSJ

I invite you to sit quietly for a few minutes and allow your mind to zoom ahead to the year 2020. Feel the cool, refreshing, clean air. Listen to the quiet streets around your house with only the scarcely audible hum of electric motors. No more coal-powered plants; they have been dismantled and recycled. Gasoline and diesel-burning engines have disappeared. Oil wells and coal mines are only memories.

Chapter 5, Stabilizing Climate: Shifting to Renewable Energy from the book, Plan B 4.0, invites us to stop and think how we take wind for granted. Yet, wind is abundant, low cost, widely distributed and cannot be depleted. Harnessing one-fifth of wind energy would provide seven times as much electricity as the world currently uses. One megawatt of wind capacity supplies power to 300 homes in the United States. This statement reflects wind power both on land and off shore.
When sunlight strikes the Earth for only one hour, it produces enough power to supply the world economy for one year. Heat in the upper six miles of the Earth's crust contains 50,0000 times as much energy as is found in the world’s oil and gas reserves combined.
The 128 active volcanoes in Indonesia are rich sources of geothermal energy. In the past, hydropower referred only to dams, but today, hydropower harnesses the energy in tides, waves and rivers.
With new technology constantly being invented, all the blessings we have taken for granted are being used as future power sources. Maybe we need to stop: stop to reverence the beauty around us and the awesome potentials of the gifts God has given us.