Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletOctober 20, 2019

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Sisters of St. Joseph Gather for by Sister Debbie Timmis, CSJ

On October 24, 2009 , eight Sisters of St. Joseph gathered in Ballston Spa, NY, as part of the Homeland Committee's sponsored event in solidarity with 5,248 rallies and protests spread across 181 countries around the world. Together we viewed the movie, Too Hot to Handle, a primer on global warming. Too Hot to Handle features contributions from leading scientists in the field. In addition to indepth discussions of such subjects as the greenhouse effect, hurricanes, snowpack, hybrid vehicles and alternative power sources, the film shows the many ways in which businesses, local governments and citizens are taking positive actions to reduce global-warming emissions. The movie was followed by conversation on global warming and steps we can take as individuals and as a community to reduce our global footprint.

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Here is a group of Sisters of St. Joseph and CSJ Associates from Binghamton, NY, who gathered on October 24, 2009 ( at St. Patrick's Convent to watch Too Hot to Handle. They are (left to right) Sister Clare Pelkey, CSJ; Sister Ellen Alicia Noonan, CSJ; CAJ Associate Sally Starkweather; Sister Karen Gaube, CSJ; CSJ Associate Mary Jane Astur; CSJ Associate Barb Testa; and CSJ Associate Gloria Novobilski.