Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletOctober 20, 2019

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Be an Advocate for the Fair Global-Climate Grassroots Movement by Sister Clare Pelkey, CSJ

You are invited to participate in a global movement on the part of the grassroots to affect UN policy making, regarding climate change through the crafting of a fair global-climate treaty.

Initiated mainly by young people throughout the world, is a website which is based on the number that expresses the peril in which we find ourselves. NASA's James Hansen and a team of other scientists recently published papers which show that we need to cut the amount of carbon in the atmosphere from its current 387 parts per million to below 350 parts per million if we wish to “maintain a planet similar to that on which civilization developed.” We can't be surprised at this suggestion when we see the effects of climate change in our own recent past: tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts -- and all of epic proportions.
The website,, proposes that on October 24, 2009, people all over the world participate in an action of their choice to express a concern and desire for effective policies to be established that will be heard by UN delegated members. The members will meet in Copenhagen in December 2009 to establish a fair global-climate treaty that will integrate the latest scientific knowledge and get us back to safety. While some policies have already been drawn up for consideration, many knowledgeable scientists say the policies are not strong enough to bring about the change that is needed globally to protect the environment for the future or to mitigate and reduce the negative effects of climate change that are happening currently.
Since some of our previous government leaders, politicians and agencies chose not only to ignore the warnings of experienced scientists but also enabled members of special-interest groups to influence their decision making in regard to the environment, it is imperative that millions of us at the grassroots level make our voices heard and our actions visible! Too often, I feel (as I assume many others feel also) a kind of helplessness in the face of such tremendous needs (and odds against what I realize is necessary to have happen.) Now, through the technology provided by the worldwide web, innumerable individuals will be able to join in a unified global movement, choose or create an action and invite others (parishioners, coworkers, family members, friends), to join: bike rides, rallies, concerts, hikes, festivals, tree plantings. (See for more ideas.) These ideas may be photographed and uploaded to the where they will join hundreds of thousands of other recorded actions that have taken place and may be viewed all over the globe.
We as members of the Albany Province Home/Land Committee have already registered our action, and we will be inviting individuals to participate. (More information will be coming in the September issue of CE). Go to for additional information and to register your action.
To our actions, let us add prayer for the success of this crucial endeavor: for those initiating the actions and those participating all over the globe; for the policy makers, and, of course, for our Earth.
We hope you will join us and people around the world in this endeavor. Click below to view information from NETWORK, a Catholic social-justice lobby group; the link may be helpful in disseminating information regarding climate change to those whom you invite to be part of your action.