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Using Technology to Green Your Routine by Sister Debbie Timmis, CSJ

Learning to live gently on Earth and "greening" our routine is a complex process with no easy solution. One of the major contributions of technology is to enable our ability to communicate rapidly and without boundaries over the internet.

Awareness and Education
Some web resources that are helpful as informational pieces in our quest to "green our routines" are the following:

Carbon Footprint Calculators
The carbon dioxide you produce by driving your car and leaving on the lights adds up quickly. You may be surprised by how much C02 you are emitting each year. Calculate your personal impact and learn how you can take action to reduce or even eliminate your emissions of carbon dioxide.
This site was created as "the digital home of NBC Universal's commitment to bring an environmental perspective to our networks, our platforms, our audiences, our communities, in fact, to everything we do." Some of my personal favorites on this site include the following:
  • Ecobutton: Our PCs "hibernate" mode takes forever to warm back up, and we're busy. Simply plug in the $20 glowing ecobutton (Relax; the light itself uses practically no power!), give it a push when you walk away, and your computer goes into rest mode which cuts its power usage up to 90 percent.
  • Video Library: This library of 2.5-minute, eco-friendly videos covers topics, ranging from "Green your Act" to "Plast B ick" and are wonderful conversation starters. This site provides environmental news and commentary. The following is a partial snapshot of its menu:
    News & AnalysisCIn the News Gristmill Blog Muckraker Features GristTV
    Columns:Ask Umbra Victual Reality Weekly Recipes Checkout Line
 The Bottom Line: From A to Green: The Grist List
The following are some other ideas that involve the direct use of technology to conserve some of Earth's resources:
  • Plan to take a class online rather than traveling or hypertext a class that you are already teaching to lessen your impact on Earth's resources.Check out the feasibility within your ministry of communicating across distances using video conferencing when it is practical rather than traveling to meetings.
  • Use an MP3 Player for audio content to reduce electronic waste in our landfills.
  • Don't print out e-mails unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Store documents digitally rather than in file cabinets when that is possible.
  • Use collaborative tools to work on a project such as the following: for planning events and working on group projects (For more information, watch a "how to video" at
Google docs: for group editing of documents, presentations and spreadsheets. There is a wonderful explanation of this powerful tool called "Google Docs in Plain English." Go to If you have any ideas that you would like to add. go to my wiki (Hawaiian for fast: in this case, a fast website) at