Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletSeptember 19, 2017

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Meet Susan Bartholomew

(Susan Bartholomew is the new director of nursing at St. Joseph's Provincial House. Meet Susan in her own words.)

As many of you already know, I grew up in the Glens Falls area and attended St. Mary's Academy from kindergarten until the end of ninth grade. My family moved from Glens Falls, and I graduated from Queensbury High School. My plan was to get a degree in elementary education, but I left college to marry and start my family. When my first three children were preschoolers, I returned to college to study nursing, a much better fit for me than teaching. I worked for a number of years at Glens Falls Hospital in coronary care, pediatrics and intravenous therapy before moving on to long-term care. I did love the excitement of critical care but found my niche in long-term care. I have served as staff-development coordinator, corporate clinical consultant and director of nursing in a number of facilities in and around the Capital District. During the 1990s, I returned to school for my bacheloris and master's degrees.

I have the world's best husband, Dennis Coker, and our combined family totals eight children. (Dennis has four sons, and I have two sons and two daughters.), seven grandchildren, two dogs and three cats. Stop by my office; I have pictures! The "baby" of the family just finished her master's degree, so now all eight children are educated, healthy and contributing members of society! We are blessed.
As far as personality goes, I am on the quiet side. I am usually thinking about what I have to do next and get absorbed in my thoughts, so don't think of me as aloof and don't hesitate to shake me out of my reverie to speak to me! I want to hear what is going on in your life.
My first impressions of life at St. Joseph's Provincial House are extremely positive. I am impressed with the respectful treatment everyone receives, and how important it is that we remember this is "home" for the sisters. Everyone I've met has been kind and welcoming, and I'm especially impressed by the way everyone appreciates one another and expresses that appreciation.
My plans for my time here are still in process. Right now, I'm still learning the ropes and have been very fortunate to have extraordinary individuals pointing me in the right direction. There is much work to be done to make things "just right," but it is clear to me that the nursing staff is willing and eager to work together as a team.
I am very fortunate to have found my place at St. Joseph's Provincial House.