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This Is Captain Jane T. Ken of the Spaceship Surveillant by Sister Irene Kruse, CSJ

Stardate 53.234: This is Captain Jane T. Ken of the spaceship Surveillant reporting on the state of the cosmos in the quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy.  As members of the National Federation of Planets, it is our assignment to go boldly on interplanetary fact-finding missions gathering data on the ecological status of the universe through the use of our advanced technology. 


While patrolling the outer arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, our sensors picked up intense activity on the water planet called Earth third in the solar system of the star Sol, on the North American continent, in New York of the United States, hamlet of Latham. We focused on the efforts of a concerned group of religious women and their associates. They have, under the code name Operation Home/Land, taken as their goal the vital necessity of treating their planet and all creation with a reverence and respect that the Holy One intended at the point of origin of the Big Bang.


As the data came pouring in at warp speed, conversations with our computer confirmed several accomplishments to that end within the era 2004-2005 on their calendar:


$                    A walkabout identifying the sacred places on their grounds and prayers shared at their meetings were placed at the main and C-wing entrances of their center of operations.


$                    In lieu of their dinner together in June, a combined donation from their committee and community of $100 each was sent to the Genesis Farm, a learning center for Earth Studies in celebration of their 25th anniversary.


$                    As their season of spring approached, an Equinox celebration was initiated for a second year which included seed planting and egg coloring, a custom peculiar to their understanding of new life and resurrection. Our computer read a beautiful poem authored by Mary Ellen Putnam for that occasion.


$                    Their ornamental lawn continues to be maintained as a wildscape for the native flora and fauna.


$                    A more efficient and environmentally friendly way of placing signs identifying some varieties of trees on their land was investigated and accomplished.


$                    A water-education display was set up on a weekend in which they celebrate community.


$                    Continued research is being done on developing a practical method of controlling the plant called loosestrife which has been aggressively invading their wetlands to the detriment of the native flora.


$                    The committee purchased and planted five perennials in their courtyard and plan on transplanting more to that area in the fall.


Although there are many environmental conditions on this water planet in need of rejuvenation, I believe that these earthlings, in their infancy, are definitely aware of interconnectedness with their ecosystem and are developing a right relationship with that system. They are making sincere efforts to repair the damaging consequences of a reckless use of Earth=s resources in the name of progress. I shall discuss the results of our findings with Central Command. 



(July/August 2005)