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Science and Religion by Sister Mary Catherine Rich, CSJ

In the quest for a sustainable world, science and spirituality will bring us face to face with philosophical thoughts based on the writings of the eighteenth century. Religion began to be questioned and was no longer sustained by the deep faith of believers. We can count several meetings to bridge the gap between religion and scienceCmeetings in Assisi, Windsor, Harvard on a ship, Napoli, Tehran, Oxford, Cairo, Buenos Aires and at the UN.


You may remember these meetings in the news. They consisted of scientists, environmentalists and church leaders. Although participants did not always agree with one another, each conference brought a greater understanding of divergent world views and problems. In the exchange of ideas scientists and theologians found they were making progress, if not completely, at least with a partial step each time.


In our world today, scientists and religious people can discover an emerging cosmology. It will be the story of people in a caring relationship with their planet, their cosmos and one another. We will seek awe and wonder along with the weights and measures. We will work toward a socially just and sustainable future. For further reading, please consult the Worldwatch Papers in our library.


(October 2004)