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Prayer for Celebrating Spring Equinox by the Homeland Committee by Sister Marguerite Tierney, CSJ

Introduction to Equinox Prayer

by Sister Marguerite Tierney, CSJ


AOnce in her life a woman ought to concentrate her mind upon the remembered Earth.  She ought to give herself up to a particular landscape in her experience, to look at it from as many angles as she can, to wonder about it, to dwell upon it.  She ought to imagine that she touches it with her hands at every season and listens to the sounds that are made upon it.  She ought to imagine the creatures that are there and all the faintest motions of the wind.  She ought to recollect the glare of noon and all the colors of dawn and dusk.@

CN. Scott Momaday, Kiowa.


The following service is for you to use in your homes or local communities. You will certainly find many creative ways to celebrate whenever you are!


Prayer for Celebrating Spring Equinox

from Homeland Committee


Opening Prayers

(We suggest you begin with quiet music and light a vigil light between the verses.)


Sacred Parent, creator of the sun which makes the seasons, we rejoice in the gift of ever growing light as the Earth daily leans closer to the daystar.  With joyfulness we greet this new season that rises from the gray death chamber of winter.


As our ancestors of old lit feasting fires to banish the darkness and to call forth the fire of the sun, may we enkindle in our hearts the flame of hope in a new life.


Hope rides on the springtime air, carried aloft upon the wind, filling field and forest, city and town with the incense of excitement.


With awe-filled joy, we sing of the sun, mysterious daystar that warms and feeds our planet with energy and light.  We sing with joy that your son, the sun, has signaled once again the beginning of a new season of life.


Great and generous are you, God, who has given us the rich variety of ever changing seasons.




Listen, all you seeds in the earth, buried in your darkened tombs.  As this flame of our spring candle penetrates the darkness, may your young, tender stems pierce the Earth to dance in wind and rain just as this flame, like a tiny sun dances before us.


Father of fire, Mother of mystery, teach us the lesson of spring as all creation comes aliveCtree and bush, flower and plantCin the alleluia of richness of the resurrection of creation.  Grant us the gift, O God to do the same.


Teach us, O glorious Spring, the lesson that nothing dies completely.  At the death of our bodies, help us to know that we have not entered an endless winter but simply a stage in the unfolding mystery whose name is Life.


On this feast of the Spring Equinox, may we taste with delight the freshness and vitality of new birth and come forth from the womb of winter youthful with hope and fully alive in God's presence. Amen.               CEdward Hays


Time for Quiet


Psalm 145 by John Glynn


Responsory: I will extol you, O my God and King and I will bless your name forever.


I watch the sunrise lighting the sky, casting its shadows near. And on this morning bright though it be, I feel those shadows near me, but you are always close to me following all my ways. May I be always close to you, following all your ways, Lord.


I watch the sunlight shine through the clouds, warming the earth below. And at the midday, life seems to say: AI feel your brightness near me for you are always close to me.


I watch the sunset fading away, lighting the clouds with sleep. And as the evening closes its eyes, I feel your presence near me for you are never far away.


I watch the moonlight guarding the night, waiting till morning comes. The air is silent; earth is at rest; only your peace is near me. Yes, you are always near me.


Glory be ...



When we touch the real this is revelation.  May we touch water, trees, rocks, earth, humans and animals with respect and with the realization that God is present in each being and in all creation. Amen.                  CMarilyn Rudy, CSJ (LA)



In your presence, God, I will find all my joy ... In your presence ...

When I see you face to face ... I will find all my joy

Glory be ... In your presence, God I will find all my joy.


Canticle of Mary


Ant. Great and generous are you, my God who has filled the universe with your light.


Intercessions: Spontaneous.


Closing Prayer


May the God of the universe, the Creator and loving Spirit send us peace; we share that peace with one another as we conclude our prayer in Jesus= name.  Amen. 


(March 2005)