Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletOctober 20, 2019

Earth Concerns News

Earth Charter, Principle 15 by Sister Mary Ellen Putnam, CSJ

As mentioned in the November issue of the Carondelet East, the Home/Land Committee will be concentrating this year on the Earth Charter with articles focusing on right relationship with the Earth. Principle #15 of the charter states, "Treat all living beings with respect and consideration."
I offer the following poem for your reflection:
I sit here on a
hillside overlooking
a land I call home.
A question flashes
across my mind’s eye,
Who Is God?
I am stunned by
the depth of the
question and begin
to ponder the answer.
God is the life-breath
of wind and the
vastness of sky.
God is the song
of birds and the
bending boughs
of trees.
God is the skitter
of squirrels and
the light touch
of a butterfly.
God is the silence
 of weed-growth
and the babble
 of streams.
God is the color
of apples and
smell of flowers.
God is the glide
of a hawk and
buzz of a bee.
God is all of nature
that nurtures me.
(January 2008)