Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletOctober 22, 2019

Federation Novices

Meet the women in the novitiate of the U.S. Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph and read their stories.

Steps to Becoming a Sister

Pre-Candidate Phase

  • Meet regularly with director.
  • Prayerfully consider God’s invitation.
  • Visit local communities for prayer/dinner.
  • Attend Congregational events.
  • Experience live-in weeks.
Candidate Phase (one-to-three years) 
  • Meet regularly with director.
  • Live in a local CSJ community.
  • Participate in classes/workshops with candidates of other congregations.
  • Continue working at present employment.
Novitiate (ordinarily two years)
  • Meet regularly with director.
  • Integrate a prayer life with service.
  • Discern God’s action in a deepening “God relationship.”
  • Live in a local novitiate community.
  • Participate in the Federation Novitiate Program.
  • Study prayer, scripture, theology, history, charism and spirit of the congregation, wholistic growth and development.
  • Prepare to live the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
Vowed Life
  • Initial Commitment (three-to-six years)
  • Meet with director.
  • Participate in CSJ mission and ministry.
  • Prepare for permanent commitment in the congregation.

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