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Call to Unifying Love

Our call to unifying love impels us to manifest Jesus in our world today as we work for right relationships with and among the Dear Neighbor. We choose to act for justice and to walk with suffering people, especially in times of conflict. As a Congregation, we will use the power of our collective voice for systemic change. (Acts of Chapter 2007)

The Gospel calls us to enter into union with Jesus in the life-death-resurrection mystery of being a human community with joys and tensions, in and for the world. Our commitment to community challenges us to share our hearts and to deepen the quality of our life together. (Acts of Chapter 2007)
The sacredness of all of life and creation motivates our urgent concern for Earth and the survival of its life systems. Destructive aspects of globalization, the unequal distribution and use of resources and other human behaviors affect those who are economically poor and marginalized most immediately and intensely. (Acts of Chapter 2007)
The gift of unifying love calls us to join with the people of God in keeping the mission of Jesus alive in the Church.  (Acts of Chapter 2007)

CSJ Speakers' Bureau

As stewards of God’s many gifts to us, we desire to make our resources available to the community in parishes, schools, neighborhoods, etc. The Speakers’ Bureau is a service offered by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet to enable groups to tap the expertise of our sisters in the areas of retreat days, spiritual direction, Scripture, ethics, the New Story of Creation, environmental justice, communications, seasonal programs, special events and other topics.

To request a speaker for one of the listed areas and to learn more about the speakers, topics, locations and stipends, please click on the individual sister’s name and send her an e-mail of inquiry.
Sister Bernice Carroll, CSJ
Retreat Presentations; Spiritual Direction

Sister Mary Ellen Curtin, CSJ
Retreat/Workshop/Presentations on Contemplation, Creation, Environment, Grace

Sister Janet Furman, CSJ
Spiritual Direction/Workshops on Grief, End-of-Life Issues, Pastoral Care of the Elderly

Sister Elizabeth Giarrusso, CSJ
Nonviolence as a Way of Living and Being; Ritualizing Mergings and Closings of Parishes
Sister Francis Anne Gilchrist, CSJ
Spiritual Direction

Sister Doreen Glynn, CSJ
Social Justice/Justice Spirituality Topics and Issues
Sister Katherine Hanley, CSJ
Days/Evenings of Reflection on The Questions Jesus Asks of Us; The Healings of Jesus; Discerning and Celebrating Our Gifts
Sister Marion C. Honors, CSJ
Media/Art Presentations on The New Story: the Story of Our Evolutionary Universe
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Sister Lynn Levo, CSJ
Mutuality in Community; Transitions and Stress; Anger; Managing Conflict; Sexuality; Celibacy; Relationships; Intimacy; Emotional Intelligence; Cybersex

Sister Connie Messitt, CSJ
Spiritual Direction; Retreats; Presentations on Co-dependency, Mid-life, Grief and Other Topics

Sister Monica Murphy, CSJ
Facilitation; Spiritual Direction; Parish Missions; Faculty Retreats; Youth Retreats; Parish Council Discernment

Sister Linda Neil, CSJ
Workshops/Presentations/Reflections on Environmental Justice
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Click HERE for Sister Linda's own website.

Sister Monica Nortz, CSJ
Presentations on The Sisters of St. Joseph in Peru

Sister Susan O’Connor
Discussions on Scripture and the Catechism

Sister Clare Pelkey, CSJ
Days/Evenings of Reflection on Scripturally Based Themes

Sister Sean Peters, CSJ
Meeting Facilitation; Child Development; Parent-Teacher Interaction; The Importance of Leisure; Time Management; Running a Meeting that People Will Actually Like; Goal Setting and Evaluation

Sister Carol Rohloff, CSJ
Presentations on The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet: Life and Ministry

Sister Mary Ellen Schopfer, CSJ
Spiritual Direction; Facilitation of Spiritual Opportunities
Sister Patricia St. John, CSJ
Presentations/Workshops/Instruction on Early Childhood Music 

Sister Anne Tranelli, CSJ
Presentations/Workshops on Cultural Sensitivity and the Hispanic/Latino Community

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