Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2020

Sisters' Stories

Sister Renee Adamany, CSJ

I think that most of life is struggling to blend and balance the heart and the head. Perhaps I say this because at my age, I am in the middle of this balancing act!

Throughout my early teens and twenties God was for me a blend of a gentle, loving wind and the hound of heaven. Even then, I knew that a piece of my heart, the truest piece, would always belong to God. Throughout my years at The College of Saint Rose, I always felt that God was following me, trying to deepen our relationship. Most of the time I didn’t want to acknowledge God’s strong presence. I was having fun dating, studying, experiencing life.
When I was a senior in college, I knew that with graduation approaching I had to make some future plans and could no longer keep ignoring God’s invitation. I went to speak with Sister Kitty Hanley, who was not the vocation director at the time but a teacher at Saint Rose with whom I felt comfortable.
After graduation I entered the affiliate stage of the Sisters of St. Joseph. I lived at home and taught kindergarten at St. Francis de Sales School in Utica. During that year I continued to speak with Kitty and to be with the sisters at de Sales Convent for prayer, dinner and conversation. At the end of that year, I decided to enter the Sisters of St. Joseph. Their lives spoke to me then and still do today of enthusiasm for life, a courageous and pioneering spirit and a great love for God and for neighbor.
Sometimes, my head wants to dwell on the questions that religious life poses today for which the answers are very unclear. But then again, not much of life is clear or secure. When I really focus, I find that the reason I came is the reason I stay: the truest piece of my heart belongs to God.