Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletSeptember 24, 2017

Sisters' Stories

Sister Rose Margaret Noonan, CSJ

It is a day in March 1934. I am 16 years old, a senior at Catholic Central High School in Troy, and in the midst of our senior retreat.

At that time, I had my life pretty well planned: graduation, college, teaching, marriage and a big family. (My mother warned me I would probably change my mind after child number four!)

However, on that day in 1934, everything changed. The priest gave a talk on religious vocations to which I paid no attention. But after the talk, there was Benediction, and the priest asked us to do one thing. When he raised the monstrance to bless us, he asked that we pray the prayer of the blind man in the Gospel: “Lord, that I may see.” I remember thinking, “Well, I can do that. It’s nothing big.” However, it was big! Somehow I knew immediately that God was calling me to religious life and I didn’t want the call!

I did feel compelled to take the first steps. On the way to the doctor for the required physical exam, I prayer all the way that he would find something wrong with me—nothing life-threatening but just enough to prevent my entering! But no! I was as healthy as could be!

Here I am 80 years later, each day repeating my yes to God—not the half-hearted, reluctant yes of my youth but a sincere yes to a life that has brought me great joy and happiness. There have been hard times too, but I have been able to say yes to those times also because I know that they are also part of what has made me what I am today—a 96-year-old woman, blessed with a heart that is filled with happiness, joy, peace and love!

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