Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletSeptember 24, 2017

Sisters' Stories

Sister Phyllis Wulforst, CSJ

As the time for my retirement from the attorney general’s office in New York City approached, I had many decisions to make. My six children were on their own. Some were married, some were starting new careers, and one who had returned to school was close to receiving his master’s degree. Their father, who had been sick for several years, lived to see his sixteen grandchildren but passed away before I retired in May of 1990.

 Life was good. I was in excellent health and busy with Church events, retreats, visiting my grandchildren and volunteer work. However, something was missing. Wanting the means to help others in a more positive way, I signed up for a practical-nursing course. All was well for the first three months, and then I tripped and shattered my knee.
The first three months of a year-long recovery were spent in bed where I railed at God who didn’t seem to understand my good intentions and all the plans I had made. Suddenly, the light went on! I knew they were my plans, and God hadn’t been consulted.
When I was fully recovered I moved to Rome, NY, and I seriously sought out information on religious life. With God’s help, I was connected with the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Everything else is history. My years in religious life have flown by and, without a doubt, have been the happiest of my life!