Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2020

Missionaries from France

Sister Delphine Fontbonne

Sister St. Protais Deboille

Sister Febronie Fontbonne

Sister Marguerite-Felicite Boute

Sister Febronie Chapellon

Sister Celestine Pommerel

Sister Missionaries Who Came from France

The following Sisters of St. Joseph came from France to Carondelet (outside of St. Louis, MO) as missionaries. (The year after the name is the year of death.) 

From Lyons, France in 1836
Sister Febronie Fontbonne, 1881
Sister Delphine Fontbonne, 1856
Sister Marguerite-Felicité Bouté, 1881
Sister Febronie Chapellon, 1890
Sister St. Protais Déboille, 1892
Sister Philomene Vilaine, 1861
From Lyons, France in 1837
Sister Celestine Pommerel, 1857
Sister St. John Fournier, 1875
From Lyons, France in 1860
Sister Mary of the Holy Cross Bernelin, 1872
From Moutiers, France in 1854
Sister St. John Facemaz, 1900
Sister Euphrasia Meiller, 1959
Sister Gonzaga Grand, 1916
Sister Leonie Martin, 1880
From Moutiers, France in 1856
Sister Cecilia Rosteing, 1897
Sister Victorine (returned to France, 1860)
From Moutiers, France in 1857
Sister Ambrosia Arnichaud, 1888
Sister Philomene Billex, 1860
Sister M. Agnes Facemaz, 1882
Sister Hyancinth Blanc, 1904
From Moutiers, France in 1858
Sister Emerentia Bonnefoy, 1874
From Moutiers, France in 1859
Sister Dositheus Grand, 1900
Sister M. Regis Duc-Martin, 1888
Sister Euphemia Ract-Madoux, 1881
From Moutiers, France in 1861
Sister Emily Morris, 1867
Sister Basil Morris, 1927
Sister de Chantal Martin, 1926
Sister Ludwina Jarré, 1867
Sister Maximus Croissant, 1882
Sister La Salette Pelicier (postulant), 1899
From Moutiers, France in 1866
Sister Ephrem Berard, 1916
Sister Jane Frances Bochet, 1927
Sister Amelie Ducognon, 1905
Sister Louis Alexis Dunand (novice), 1915
Sister Elodie Michel (novice), 1892
Sister Eutichiana Piccini (novice), 1913
From Moutiers, France in 1867
Sister Leontine Bochet (postulant), 1911
Sister Anna of Jesus Bonnevie (novice), 1887
Sister M. Anne Docognon (postulant), 1923
Sister Irene Facemaz, 1904
Sister Mary Joseph Facemaz (novice), 1924
Sister Germaine Marin (postulant), 1871
Sister Felicia Ouvrard (postulant), 1919
Sister Euphrasia Suchet, 1904
From Moutiers, France via Oconto, Wisconsin (1887 to Oconto; 1889 to Carondelet)
Sister Jane of the Cross Bal, 1936
Sister Emily Bourgeois, 1927
Sister Daniel Facemaz, 1916
Sister Sophie Simon, 1935
Sister Zenaide Vion, 1889 

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