Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletJune 27, 2022

The Spirit Calls Us

The Spirit calls us together to become one heart and soul in responding daily to the command of Jesus: “Love one another as I have loved you.” Our response demands continuing conversion which authenticates our life together as women of unity and reconciliation … In union with Jesus’ life-death-resurrection, we share the joy and pain of being a human community in and for the world. As we endeavor to love all without distinction, we announce by our lives together the presence and the coming of God’s reign.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Sisters Deb Timmis and Joan Mary Hartigan

Sisters Sean Peters and Carolyn Chmielewski

Sisters Phyllis Mauger and Marianne Kennah

St. Joseph's Provincial House

Sister M. Athnasia Gurry overlooks the building of the Provincial House in 1963.

The sign marks the front entrance of the Provincial House.

The front entrance of the Provincial House welcomes hundreds of visitors each year.

St. Joseph's Provincial House, located in Latham, NY, is the center and headquarters of the Albany Province of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

The Provincial House serves the congregation in many different capacities. It provides space for the administrative offices of the province; the Carondelet Hospitality Center; the province archives; the residence for retired sisters, sisters who need long-term health care, and sisters whose ministries are located both inside and outside the complex. Approximately 140 sisters live in the Provincial House.

The Provincial House, a structure rich with historical associations, was built under the guidance of Sister M. Athanasia Gurry and dedicated on June 20, 1963. The focal point of the structure is the chapel with the mosaic of the Resurrected Christ, one of the largest indoor stone mosaics in the United States.

A center of hospitality, the Provincial House welcomes many people each day: workers, friends and guests. You are most welcome to visit. Call (518) 389-2299 to schedule an appointment.

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On the grounds of the Provincial House is the
cemetery for the Sisters of St. Joseph.


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