Sisters of St. Joseph of CarondeletMay 27, 2020

Ministry Stories

Sister Carol Peston, CSJ

by Sister Carol Peston as told to Sister Kitty Hanley

It was the day before our Golden Jubilee celebration, and we were sitting in the Gurry Lounge. Sister Kitty Hanley had suggested that we meditate on the mysteries in our lives: joyful, sorrowful, glorious.
Immediately I thought of my current ministry. I am a driver at the Provincial House. How I came into the ministry is mystery indeed! I certainly never thought that driving at the PH would be my ministry, so I didn't really know what it involved. However, I was asked to think about being a driver, so I did think about it! And here is the biggest mystery: I love driving! I enjoy my interactions with the sisters; I am grateful to get to know so many of them; I try to make my ministry a loving one by preparing and going to the sister a day ahead of her appointment, so that she will know that I am her driver.
When we are in the car, I follow the lead of the sister. Sometimes we chat; at other times we are quiet. I try to be helpful and supportive; sometimes it is difficult to face a visit with a doctor.
I can't say enough about how wonderful this ministry is at this time in my life. I am grateful and delighted. It is truly a joyful mystery and a gift!
(Sister Carol spent several years as a music teacher in schools staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, in the Albany and Syracuse Dioceses as well as serving in campus ministry at Albany Law School and Albany College of Pharmacy and in the Admissions Office at Hudson Valley Community College. She brings a wealth and depth of experience to her ministry of driving, and she can converse easily on nearly every topic with our Senior Sisters!)

Sister Carol Peston (right) with Sister Anne Michael Mirabito