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Ascension Health
CSJ Congregational Center
St. Paul Province
Los Angeles Province
St. Louis Province
U.S. Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph
Leadership Conference of Women Religious
The College of Saint Rose
St. Mary's Healthcare, Amsterdam
St. Joseph Worker Program
Sister Lin Neil-Earth Ministry


As Sisters of St. Joseph, we are committed to the prophetic response of bringing the light of the Gospel to a world in need. Ministry, service of others in the name of Christ, is at the core of our identity. Our Constitution, our rule of life, expresses the motivating force at the heart of every Sister of St. Joseph: 

“The Spirit calls us to live out our consecration in community and, with the strength that comes from our life together, to turn beyond ourselves to serve a world in need.” 

The spirit of diversity in ministry and the ability to take risks for the sake of the needs of God's people have been characteristic of our community since its foundation in 1650.

We are guided in ministry by the call of our founder "to perform all the spiritual and corporal works of mercy of which women are capable ... and will most benefit the dear neighbor."

As our early Sisters of St. Joseph walked city streets and country paths in France to help those in need, they realized that education was crucial to go beyond meeting immediate needs. When the first Sisters came in 1858 to what would later be known as the Albany Province, they came to respond to a need to teach the children of hundreds of immigrants who had come to build the Erie Canal and the railway system. Over the years, the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Albany Province staffed many elementary and secondary schools in the Albany and Syracuse Dioceses and were integral to the founding and development of the parochial school system in both dioceses. In 1920, the Sisters of St. Joseph founded The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York.

As early as 1650, French Bishop Henri de Maupas asked the Sisters of St. Joseph to staff the Montferrand Hospice and care for those in need. Our Constitution of 1693 first mentions the Sisters of St. Joseph as healthcare providers and specifies that they “visit the sick in their homes or in prison, assist them with alms and prepare broths and remedies which the doctors recommend for them.”

For over 350 years, Sisters of St. Joseph have been involved in the healthcare ministry. In 1903, the Sisters in the Albany Province opened St. Mary’s Hospital (now St. Mary’s Healthcare) in Amsterdam, NY. The hospital has seen a remarkable history of expansion and growth over the years. Today, St. Mary’s is a part of Ascension Health, one of the largest healthcare systems in the country.

Other Ministries
As Vatican II made its impact in the mid-1960s, Sisters of St. Joseph fulfilled the Council’s directives by extending their services to a rapidly changing society. Along with the traditional ministries of education and health care, Sisters assumed new and wider ranges of social services, fine arts, pastoral ministries, spiritual direction, ministry to the imprisoned, the unemployed, the mentally ill, the aged, the addicted, the unchurched, refugees, the divorced and separated—to all of God’s people in need.

In addition, the needs of today’s times call us to respond to wider-ranged roles of spiritual leadership. On all levels of ministry, Sisters are sharing pastoral responsibilities with the clergy in order to continue to meet spiritual needs of God’s people and carry on Church-related ministries.

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