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The Presentations

The presentations weave the art of Marion Honors, CSJ, and the photography of Clare Pelkey, CSJ, with music and poetry, story and science. The experience fosters a deeper consciousness of our place in the web of life. Each presentation can be expanded from a two hour program, a day- long experience or a week-long retreat.

The presenter: Linda Neil, CSJ is a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet. She is an educator, hiker and naturalist. Linda holds a Master’s Degree from the Earth Literacy Program at St. Mary of the Woods College, IN. She has been a presenter at Pyramid Life Center (Paradox, NY), The Priory (Chestertown, NY), Miramar Retreat Center (Duxbury, MA), St. Joseph’s Provincial House (Latham, NY) the White Violet Center (St. Mary’s of the Woods, IN), St. Stephen’s Retreat Center (Oahu, Hawaii) and parishes and schools in the Albany Diocese.

For more information about the presentations please contact Sister Linda at 518-393-0528,www.encountering or email

Encountering Earth: Sister Linda Neil's Ministry

Gaia, the Storyteller, by Marion C. Honors

Encountering Earth: Reclaiming the Human in the Web of Life

Introducing a series of workshops that are created to engage our hearts, inform our minds, and fire our passions for transformation and celebration in our relationship with Earth.

Earth: My Home: exploring our natural address in the Universe and experiencing oneness with the web of life.

Dreaming a New Way: exploring the New Story and experiencing the new vision and energy the Story brings to us.

Healing Earth: exploring the amazing diversity of life and experiencing the call to live in the dynamics of the Universe.

Gifts of the Universe: exploring our evolutionary journey and our oneness with the emergence of the Cosmos. 

Heart of Creation:  integrating the gospel with our call to serve and care for Creation.

Biblical Reflections on Creation: reflecting on the texts of the Hebrew Scriptures and the challenge to live a creation centered life.

The workshops are presented by Linda Neil, CSJ. They use PowerPoint presentations to weave the art of Marion Honors, CSJ, music, poetry, story, sharing and science into an experience of deeper awareness of our place in the web of life. Each workshop can be expanded from two hours to a daylong presentation. The programs can be woven together and used as a full week eco-spirituality experience.

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