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Books and Art by Sisters of St. Joseph

The following are books and artwork by Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet of the Albany Province. Check the website links to learn more about the works of these gifted Sisters of St. Joseph.

Sister Joan Sauro, CSJ, is an award-winning author and illustrator of numerous articles and six books, including The Whole Earth Meditation and The Diary of a Jogging Nun. Sister Joan has won two fellowships for fiction from the New York Foundation of the Arts and a Best Story of the Year Award from the Catholic Press. In addition, she is a teacher of literature and workshop leader for adults and for children, especially in the field of creative writing.
Does God Ever Sleep?
by Sister Joan Sauro, CSJ
Does God Ever Sleep? is a charming night-time reminder that God is always present in our lives. This gentle bedtime story guides children through the steps God might take each night to tuck the world into bed. From dimming the lights with the colors of the sunset to the hushed lullaby of evening’s breeze in the leaves, to God’s gentle nod for the flowers to slip into slumber, the story engages children in the wider, waking world by showing the commonality all things share as God’s creation. It then eases night-time anxiety with soothing reassurance of God’s continued blessing and watchfulness as we sleep.
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Sister Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ, was an internationally known writer, lecturer and humorist who authored several books published by Sorin Press. Sister Anne is recognized in the United States and beyond for her wonderful stories, keen insights and dynamic style!
Live, Laugh, and Be Blessed: Finding Humor and Holiness in Everyday Moments
by Sister Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ
In this paperback, Sister Anne Bryan helps us discover humor and holiness in everyday moments presents many good ideas on how to access more joy. She suggests a humor buddy with whom we can laugh and be carefree. Also we might keep a joy journal, similar to a gratitude journal where we record every day the things that bring us happiness. Throughout the book, Sister Anne shares stories from all religious traditions which point to the peculiarities of human nature and the indirections of the Holy One.
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Tickle Your Soul
by Sister Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ
Believing that humor is the “handmaid of spirituality,” Sister Anne Bryan offers ways of living happier lives and helping those around us to enjoy us and life. Tickle Your Soul enables readers to “wrinkle their faces with smiles” and avoid “drying up their souls like prunes.” The book contains a great blend of psychological and spiritual principles, coupled with anecdotes and down-home wisdom.
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God Knows You’re Stressed
by Sister Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ
Missing a bus or plane, preparing for a wedding, juggling multiple deadlines at work and at home, experiencing divorce, the death of a spouse, child or a loved one are just a sampling of situations that most of us would describe as “stressful.” In God Knows You're Stressed, Sister Anne Bryan explains that the inevitabilities of life do not have to cause stress if “we treat ourselves with more kindness, laugh more, play more, breathe more deeply, rest more soundly, hold hurts more loosely.” Each of the twelve chapters offers proven ways to help avoid those pitfalls and to relax in mind and body, feeling healthier and more peaceful in the process.
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Wings for the Soul (99 Words to Live By)
by Sister Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ
Everyone wants to be happy, and everyone can be happy. The key lies not outside ourselves, in what we have or don’t have, but within us. If we choose to be happy, we keep our attitudes positive, and we think outside ourselves. We give our time away; we offer to be present to others in need; we like the person we see in the mirror; we respect and accept what each moment holds for us. In Wings for the Soul, Sister Anne Bryan presents 99 sayings which come from the author herself as well as from a diverse group of her favorite writers, including John XXIII, Victor Hugo, Aristotle, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Leo Tolstoy, Thomas More, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Teresa of Avila, Henri Nouwen and Chiara Lubich.
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Art by Sister Marion C. Honors
Sister Marion C. Honors, CSJ, has exhibited her art nationally and internationally. She presents Stories of Home, an award-winning slide lecture illustrated by her work, in retreat and educational settings.
Sister Marion’s work includes relief and intaglio prints, monoprints, monotypes, drawings and paintings, collages and painted embossments. Currently, she is exploring monotype printmaking with water-based inks. An organic gardener, Sister Marion plants heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable varieties to help preserve planetary diversity, and for good eating! Sister Marion lives and works in The Studio in Latham, New York on a hillside facing the rising sun.




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