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“Gifted with the power of the Spirit, we come together as Sisters of St. Joseph to continue Jesus’ mission in the world. We respond lovingly to the inspiration of the Spirit whether expressed through individuals or chapters according to our Constitution. Such authority calls forth the gifts of each member individually and provides conditions which enable us together to become more fully the congregation of the great love of God.”
(Constitution, par. 23)

Mother Agatha Guthrie

Sister Joan Teresa Groth

Sister Mary Anne Heenan

Albany Province Leadership, 1862 to the Present


Mother Agatha Guthrie, 1862-1866
Mother Assisium Shockley, 1866-1869
Mother Gonzaga Grand, 1869-1877
Mother Teresa Louise Crowley, 1877-1882
Mother M. James Mernaugh, 1882-1885
Mother M. James Carey, 1885-1904 (died 11/1/1904)
Mother Odilia Bogan, 1905-1915 (died 4/26/1915)
Mother Irene Tyrell, 1915-1917 (ill)
Mother Margaret Collins, 1917-1923
Mother Thomas Scanlon, 1923-1929
Mother John Joseph Duffy, 1929-1935
Mother Rosina Quillinan, 1935-1941
Mother Geraldine Meagher, 1941-1947
Mother Mechtilde Bunk, 1947-1950
Mother Anna Marie Murphy, 1950-1956
Mother Helen Patricia Delaney, 1956-1959
Mother Athanasia Gurry, 1959-1965
Mother Marion Rypski, 1965-1971
Sister Elizabeth Thomas Cullen, 1971-1974 (died 4/10/1974)
Sister Rose Margaret Noonan, 1974 (finished Sister Elizabeth Thomas’ term)
Sister Joan Teresa Groth, 1974-1980
Sister Serena Ann Thompson, 1980-1986
Sister Patricia Geary, 1986-1989
Sister Madeline Powers, 1989-1992
Sister Sean Cathleen Peters, 1992-1996
Sisters Laura Bufano, Eleanor Ceccucci, Mary O’Brien, Sean Peters, Miriam Ukeritis, Lauren Van Dermark
Sisters Laura Bufano, Rita Duggan (replaced Sister Eleanor Ceccucci), Mary O’Brien, Sean Peters, Miriam Ukeritis, Lauren Van Dermark
Sisters Danielle Bonetti, Laura Bufano, Christine Partisano, Kay Ryan, Miriam Ukeritis, Lauren Van Dermark
Sisters Anna Mae Collins, Johanne McCarthy, Christine Partisano, Ranah Phelan, Kay Ryan, Sharon Whellahan
Sisters Ann Christi Brink, Charla Commins, Nancy Gregg, Eileen McCann, Mary Anne Rodgers, Mary Jo Tallman
Sisters Katherine Arseneau, Kathleen Eiffe, Jeanne Marie Gocha, Mary Anne Heenan, Eieen McCann, Sean Peters
Watch the slideshow below to view photographs of our Albany Province leaders. The slides begin with our present Province Leadership Team and then begin in chronological order.

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