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We Give God Thanks!

The Spirit calls us to commit ourselves freely to God and to one another in community. Through public vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, we promise the lifelong gift of self to God for all persons without distinction. Responding in a radical way to the Gospel, we direct the whole of our being to God in prayer and love, making ourselves available to share in the mission of bringing all persons to freedom and oneness in God.

We use our gifts generously in embracing the command of Jesus: pray, heal, teach, love and forgive. In gentleness, peace and joy, we strive to become more loving and effective instruments of Christ’s zeal, knowing he is faithful in accompanying God’s mission through us.
Local communities and other groups within the congregation are encouraged to celebrate together the special events in the lives of the members, the congregation, the church and the nation. (Constitution, Complementary Document)

2010 Sister of St. Joseph Jubilarians

2010 Sister Jubilarians Share 2,110 Years of Service

On Saturday, March 13, 2010, thirty six (36) Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet marked 75, 70, 60 and 50 years of religious life at a liturgical and community celebration at Saint Joseph's Provincial House in Latham, New York. The following are the jubilarians for 2010! (A name in parenthesis indicates a Sister’s former name.)
75th Anniversary
Sister Catherine Bede Rupprecht, CSJ         
Sister Rose Margaret Noonan, CSJ       
Sister Jane Burns, CSJ                          
Sister Rose Lea Wirth, CSJ                   
70th Anniversary
Sister Mary Laurentia Ryan, CSJ                
Sister Mary Carolyn Bishop, CSJ (Sister Clotilde)                 
Sister Alice Roberta Benzing, CSJ               
Sister Mary Mahar, CSJ (Sister Cyrilla)                         
60th Anniversary
Sister Rose Irene Parkhurst, CSJ (Sister Cecil Ann)             
Sister Kathleen Vail, CSJ (Sister Kathleen Thomas)                         
Sister Mary Denise Linehan, CSJ (Sister Mary Denis)          
Sister Mary Ruth Beale, CSJ                       
Sister Genevieve Therese Murphy, CSJ 
Sister Mary Brendan Gilleran, CSJ              
Sister Maria Charles Norton, CSJ                
Sister Rosemary Hock, CSJ (Sister Mary Ambrose)                   
Sister Christine Maria Barton, CSJ              
Sister Julie M. Eigo, CSJ (Sister John Anne)                        
Sister Claire Weber, CSJ (Sister Margaret Claire)                            
Sister Joseph Mary O'Hagan, CSJ               
Sister John Marion Looby, CSJ              
50th Anniversary
Sister Katharine Anne Earley, CSJ (Sister Agnes Edward)               
Sister Patricia Conron, CSJ (Sister Samuel Xavier)                     
Sister Elizabeth Cruger, CSJ (Sister Elizabeth William)                      
Sister Elizabeth Michele Newell, CSJ           
Sister Judith Howley, CSJ (Sister Mary Lawrence)                          
Sister Constance Mary Messitt, CSJ (Sister Lawrence Elise)      
Sister Judith Anne Markert, CSJ (Sister John Patrice)                 
Sister Patricia Cairns, CSJ (Sister Mary Aquin)                          
Sister Nora Ann Murtagh, CSJ                    
Sister Carol Ann Peston, CSJ (Sister Francine Patrice)                     
Sister Rita Jean DuBrey, CSJ (Sister Valerie John)                    
Sister Marianne Baehr, CSJ (Sister Rosemary)                    
Sister Marlene Therese Castle, CSJ (Sister Therese Francis)      
Sister Maddie Pallotta, CSJ (Sister Maria André)                       
Sister Helen Leclerc, CSJ                           
We share the joy of the celebration and the awe of God’s utter faithfulness!
To view photographs of the 2010 Sister of St. Joseph Jubilarians, watch the slide show below! To view photos of the Jubilee Mass and celebration, click HERE!

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